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Dentistry / Oral Surgery / Implantology

We endeavour to give our patients the best possible individual treatment, using the most up-to-date equipment in pleasant and modern surroundings.

Our expert team has a long background of practical experience which they combine with innovative treatment methods to provide excellent patient care. Dentists strive to further their knowledge and improve their skills through regular attendance and training at medical conventions. In addition, they undertake research and publish scientific papers using the findings to support and enhance patient services.

Dental practice staff work closely with other doctors in the Medicum Centre. Patients benefit immensely from this interdisciplinary approach and, if required, transfers between medical departments can be arranged quickly and efficiently.

Our Team

Dr. med. dent. Michael O. Bennek
Dr. med. dent. Bastian L. J. Schmidt
(Dentist and Oral Surgeon)

Range of diagnostic areas and treatments

Treatment methods

Additional information

Contact and registration

Dentistry / Oral Surgery / Implantology
Level 0
Frankfurter Str. 42
65189 Wiesbaden
Tel.: 0611- 44754-580
Fax: 0611- 44754-589
Email: kontakt@medicum-zahnarzt.de
Internet: www.medicum-zahnarzt.de

Further dental practice at:

Fenchelring 25
65191 Wiesbaden-Sonnenberg
Tel.: 0611- 560062
Fax: 0611- 560060


Appointments by arrangement
For opening times please see:

We look forward to welcoming you to our dental practice!